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Long-Distance Caregiving: The Best Apps to Stay in Touch

A man holding a smartphone

When senior living residents have out-of-town loved ones, great communities will make every effort to help them stay connected. We know that long-distance caregivers still want to be an active part of their senior loved one’s life. We’re lucky to have modern technology at our fingertips that makes it easy to share important health information and create fun memories. A few of the right mobile apps can make all the difference for our residents and their long-distance caregivers, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites.


  • WhatsApp
    WhatsApp is a free app that allows you to connect one-on-one or in a group. You can send messages, pictures and videos. You can make audio-only calls or video calls. The app runs through your Wi-Fi or data connection, so you won’t be charged for any message or call. It’s a helpful hub of communication and connection for long-distance caregiving.
  • Skype
    Skype is mainly known as an app for video calls, but you can also send written messages and audio calls. You can use this free app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and speak to loved ones as if they were right there next to you.


  • Lotsa Helping Hands
    With this app, you can stay apprised of your loved one’s health status, monitor their care calendar and offer supportive messages. It’s an easy and effective tool for caring for aging parents, even when you’re far away.
  • eCare21
    eCare21 allows you to stay connected with your loved one, the friends and family members providing support, and their professional care team. This app integrates with wearable devices to report important up-to-the-minute details on heart rate, glucose levels, activity levels and sleep patterns.

Social Media:

  • Facebook
    One of the most recognizable social media platforms, Facebook allows users to connect with friends and family. You can even track down people you may have lost touch with over the years and rekindle a connection. On this platform, people can share status updates, pictures, short videos, etc. You can join interest groups and support causes, or simply “like” funny memes.
  • Instagram
    Instagram is another social media platform, though it is owned by Facebook. Within this app, users share visual content, images and videos. It’s a fun way to see up-to-date pictures of loved ones.

Movie Screening:

  • Kast
    This app lets you watch a movie or show together, even when you’re far apart. Grandparents can share their favorite classics, and grandchildren can introduce some new titles. It’s perfect for a remote family movie night.


  • Words with Friends
    This scrabble-like game lets you play against each other or as a team. Bust out your big vocabulary and have some fun.
  • Psych!
    This game invites all players to create false answers to real questions. After the fake responses are in, the real answer is included, and players have to guess which answer is correct.


  • Goodreads
    You can create a profile within this app, rate book titles to provide a sense of what you like to read, and the app will generate suggestions of other books you might like. Another wonderful function Goodreads provides is the ability to connect with people on the app and share book recommendations.


  • Charity Miles
    In terms of growing happiness, this free app is a triple threat. You can sign up individually or as a team. The app is sponsored by corporate partners who donate a small sum for every mile its users move — walking, jogging, biking, dancing, etc. You can select one of 40 worthy causes to support. We consider this app a triple threat for the physical and mental benefits you get from 1. Connecting with loved ones, 2. Exercising, 3. Raising money for charity.

If you’d like to hear more about our vibrant community, our health services or our long-distance caregiving tips, let us know. We would be more than happy to provide details about Freedom Village or answer any questions.