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Letters to the Editor: Freedom Village leading the way in technology, efficiency

Read our latest mention at holland sentinel.

From the article:

Can you imagine while visiting your dad or mom at the senior community facility your car is getting energized for the next leg of your trip or the dinner engagement in the next town? You don’t have to imagine for if you are visiting a loved one at Freedom Village, you can charge your car on one of four Level 2 charging stations in their visitor parking lot while visiting. The voltage is 240, the charging time is 12-40 miles/hour.

Tim Rietman, director of facilities and Steve Stickel, director of sales and marketing, said that even as early as 15 years ago, they have had a goal of being environmentally responsible, conserving and transitioning to clean energy sources, yes even solar energy. Saltwater pool, recycling, LED lighting, smart timer water systems, and now electric charging stations … Kudos to Freedom Village.

Their motivation, to accommodate their residents, helped them move on the electric charging station project. This time, they helped George, a Freedom Village resident, who had ordered an EV through Crown Motors. With the construction of the street leading to their parking lot under construction, digging up their parking lot to run a 220-volt line to George’s parking space and to ask BPW for more power was timely.

Tim and Steve project there will be more need for charging stations, but for now, these four charging stations’ which are for residents and their guests, will be monitored for use and cost.

Freedom Village is an inspiration and a leader in our community as they invest in earth-friendly projects.

Can you also imagine while getting your hair done, while eating at a restaurant, while watching a basketball game, while worshiping in church, your car is being charged up? Can you imagine …?

Take an honest walk down memory lane

Memories are fickle things. They have a way of shapeshifting over time. The trout caught a few years ago grows larger and it takes a box of old photos to recall how much skinnier we were. So, the question asked every election year, “are you better off today than you were four years ago?” draws from that mangled trove of “facts”.